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By Les Pardew Don Seegmiller

Книга на английском языке, посвященная искусству компьютерной графики. В издании даются общие сведения о двухмерной и трехмерной графике, раскрываются основные методы работы в графических программах, даются уроки по изображению людей и предметов с помощью 2nd и 3D технологий. Книга предназначена для широкого круга читателей, интересующихс я графическим компьютерным дизайном. Contents:1. the pc as an artwork Tool2. electronic second paintings and picture Manipulation3. electronic Painting4. electronic Portrait Painting5. electronic determine Painting6. 3D electronic Art7. development 3D Models8. complex Modeling Techniques9. Texturing 3D Models10. lights and Rendering

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6 The Tonal Control menu. 4. Select the entire image using the Select menu or the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+A on the PC or Command+A on the Mac). Press the Backspace key to clear the image. Your canvas is now blank. At the top-right corner of the image is a small button that looks like two overlapping squares. This is the Tracing Paper button. Toggle this button and your original photograph is displayed as if it were reduced in intensity by 50 percent. 8 shows the cloned image compared to the original with an arrow pointing to the Tracing Paper button.

Most professional computer artists use at least a 21-inch monitor and many are using dual-monitor setups. If you can afford one of the new LCD monitors, you may want to consider this as an option because, as a rule, they are very bright and have good color. Before you purchase your monitor, make sure that you do the research to find out which one is the right model for you; you may be using this monitor for many years. If possible you should see the monitor in action at a local computer store before buying.

2. Record a circular stroke. 3. Auto Playback the stroke and let it fill in most of the canvas. 4. Before the Auto Playback completely finishes covering the canvas, stop it. Bits of the original texture will still show through the current strokes, giving a nice randomness to the image. It now looks more than ever like a wet oil painting. 20 shows the resulting image. 19 An over-textured painting created using the Texture Spray Cloner. Creating an Impressionist Look Let’s try something new in this next example.

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