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By Harold Bloom

"The Bluest Eye" is one among Toni Morrison's strongest novels. The Nobel laureate's debut is the tale of Pecola Breedlove, a tender black lady who prays for her eyes to show blue in order that she will resemble the kids who reside in an international that's barred to her. This consultant to "The Bluest Eye" gains excerpts of severe essays, an annotated bibliography, an index, and an advent from esteemed professor Harold Bloom.

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The discovery of the missing milk sends Mrs. MacTeer into an indignant rant about being taken advantage of, but she stops short of accusing Pecola outright—a sign of decency and some awareness of Pecola’s precarious state of mind. She knows something about being a nurturing mother. The appearance of the Shirley Temple cup brings to the fore the vexing questions about establishing definitions of beauty and right behavior—what standards exist for definitions of beauty, how to consider racial differences in appreciating cultural beauty, and, most importantly, what consequences are associated with living under a dominant definition of beauty that minority peoples can never realize?

They go to land-grant colleges, normal schools, and learn how to do the white man’s work with refinement: home economics to prepare his food; teacher education to instruct black children in obedience; music to sooth the weary master and entertain his blunted soul. €. how to behave. €. ” They are instead preoccupied with making a clean, orderly, and respectable home. They marry men who appreciate their efforts, and they have children; they tolerate but do not enjoy sex. Joy, in fact, seems fairly absent in all aspects of their lives.

In what amounts to a definition of “security” for the MacTeer sisters, they dismiss the fear of “mama gone get us” with the assurance that only a whipping awaits them: “That was true,” Claudia says, “she couldn’t kill us, or laugh a terrible laugh at us, or throw a bottle at us” (105). 49 The scene outside Pauline’s place of employment speaks of exclusivity, ease, and wealth; landscaped yards, newly painted houses, and clusters of trees form the neighborhood, and the house they are seeking turns out to be located near the entrance to Lake Shore Park, a well-manicured public space reserved for white, not black, families.

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