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By Charles Stoker, Steve Hodel

True-crime real reveal of LAPD police payoffs, graft, political corruption and prostitution in Nineteen Forties l. a. and Hollywood written by way of LAPD Vice Squad Sgt. Charles Stoker. Twenty-years ahead of SERPICO there has been STOKER.

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Thicker'N Thieves

True-crime actual disclose of LAPD police payoffs, graft, political corruption and prostitution in Nineteen Forties l. a. and Hollywood written by means of LAPD Vice Squad Sgt. Charles Stoker. Twenty-years sooner than SERPICO there has been STOKER.

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Yet, these three were guardian angels —a dope runner, a prostitute-panderess and a racketeer-gambler (and former bootlegger) who were assigned by the omnipotent Syndicate to guide the Honorable Fletcher E. Bowron into the Mayor’s office. It is a matter of record that Racketeer Cornero financed much of the 1938 mayoralty campaign, and that Jimmy Utley provided Clifford Clinton, Bowron’s political mentor, with smear material and support from the underworld. Anne Forrester, branded “The Black Widow” by underworld associates with an eye for realities, was so-called because of her deadly potentialities as a procuress of young girls.

The facts of the situation lend great support to the continuing and repeated rumor that McAfee and his Las Vegas gambling associates have consistently supported the re-election of Mayor Fletcher Bowron by spending huge sums of money in his behalf. Conceding that McAfee is no fool, the question is a natural: Why shouldn’t they? Such maneuvering, if true, would place Fletcher Bowron in an enviable political position. It would permit him to keep up his perennial political stance of “Fighting The Underworld,” keeping Los Angeles reasonably tight as far as wide-open gambling is concerned, while, at the same time, it would immeasurably benefit financially the expatriate overlord of Los Angeles gambling, Guy McAfee, who maintains an ornate residence in nearby Beverly Hills which he visits on week-ends.

Look at Detroit in 1938! There they indicted over one hundred coppers in one pop. “You gotta have a boss to handle police protection and the pay-offs. You gotta have a boss to tell everyone what they can and cannot do. That goes for coppers as well as for those in the rackets. When you’ve got a cop setup there is a scramble to get in on the graft and someone gets frozen out of the play, then there’s jealousy and trouble. Then someone gets hurt because when the old snowball starts rollin’ down hill, it picks up stones, twigs, leaves, boulders and plenty of manure and knocks a lot of people out.

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