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Each rock you notice tells a narrative in regards to the Earth. Glassy black rocks mark moments while the Earth's liquid insides spilled out onto its floor. Gritty, sandy rocks are the lifeless epidermis of the Earth, shed after years of wind and rain. Twisted, sparkly rocks shaped deep within the bellies of mountains. In "Rocks and Minerals", younger readers will methods to learn the 'story' of a rock via interpreting its mineral make-up and the way to spot minerals by way of their colour, form, shine, specified powers, or even style. scholars can then use their wisdom of rocks and minerals to appreciate how the Earth works.

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This is the end of our greenschist—but not of our rock’s story. 63 64 rocks and minerals sTreams To The riVer, riVers To The sea Weathering has reduced the greenschist to tiny specks of sand. Next, rain and melting snow will carry the sand down the mountain. In mountain streams, the grains will join other grains, weathered off the mountain in the same way. The streams will The rock cycle describes how rocks are processed through geological processes over long periods of time.

F Hardness: 2 or 3—a penny will scratch them. F Streak: Colorless. identifying mica in a rock Mica is easy to identify in a rock: It is the shiniest mineral there. The individual minerals are shaped like books, with pages that flake off easily. 39 40 rocks and minerals Muscovite is rarely found in volcanic rocks like andesite or rhyolite, but biotite is common in granites. The amphibole group Amphiboles are another group of minerals. Every amphibole mineral is made of a different molecule, but they all have the same structure: two long chains of molecules connected together like railroad tracks.

The center of the Earth is fiery hot, and the closer we get, the warmer you will become. The rocks down here are also under a lot of pressure: The weight from all those rocks on top of them is pushing them down, squeezing and breaking them. The granite is full of cracks, called faults, where the extreme pressure has broken the rock. When you break through the bottom of the crust, you will find the next layer of the Earth: the thickest layer, called the mantle. It is almost 2,000 miles (3,219 km) thick.

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