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By Ardath Mayhar

At a time while volcanoes have been being born in what's now New Mexico, clans of hunter-gatherers have been already residing within the nice Plains. Primordial beasts roamed the land: creatures just like the large sloth, the flat-faced undergo, the woolly sizeable, and the dire wolf hunted there, usually getting into clash with their two-legged prey. whilst Do-na-ti reaches maturity, he slays the badger for his ceremonial cloak. by way of marriage ceremony E-lo-ni, he unites their clans. jointly they need to face conflict with dire wolves, a stampede of mammoths that destroys their inn, and the beginning of a brand new volcano, satisfying an outdated woman's prophecy and Do-na-ti's conviction that his son needs to turn into brother to the mountain. "Mayhar has a fashion of drawing the reader seamlessly into her ancient narratives. you could odor the breath of the dire wolf because it closes in for the kill!" -- Robert Reginald

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Something was vibrating the dirt floor—something huge and terrible, maddened by the wind and the snow, was coming toward the lodges. Bison? It was not the season when they ranged to the north. The Great Tusked Ones? He gasped with shock. Only they, pounding over the land with their huge bulks and their swift pads, could shake the ground so strongly. "Rise," he yelled. "Hurry! " There was a sputter of grunts and groans, of questions and comments, as the family woke. The first to stand understood at once, and with incredible swiftness the People gathered furs and pots and foodstuffs together, as the vibration became a continual pounding that shook dust down from the roof.

Few creatures would venture near the stink of a direwolf. It should keep him safe until she could return with someone to help carry him home again to the village. CHAPTER NINE The dreams, laced with fear and pain, were strange and terrifying. Do-na-ti stood amid a pack of direwolves, all facing him in a circle, their teeth gleaming in the pale light of a half-moon. His spear hung in his hand, its tip shrinking as he watched it, until it was as small as those the children used with their tiny bows to shoot birds.

When he turned and looked where she pointed, he saw that she was right. The north was now dark blue, where it lay against the edge of the land. He hitched his pack more comfortably on his shoulders and headed toward their goal, his feet sinking into the snow, slowing his passage more and more as the warmth of the sun now began to soften the last layer. His moccasins grew heavy with snowmelt, and his legs ached with effort. Behind him Do-na-ti could hear his wife breathing hard, her shorter legs laboring even more than his.

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