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The process of ‘conversion’ was a long one, but some of its effects were doubtless immediate: an alchemy of change (producing ultimately the mediaeval) was at once at work. One does not have to wait until all the native traditions of the older world have been replaced or forgotten; for the minds which still retain them are changed, and the memories viewed in a different perspective: at once they become more ancient and remote, and in a sense darker. 4 The native ‘learning’ cannot be denied in the case of Beowulf.

10-615 C. 22. 431 sqq. 23. 566. 24. 580. 25. 601–607. 26. See 305 note. 27. 608–614. 28. 615–620. 29. 621–624. 30. , §3, A. 31. 835. 32. 887. 33. 893 sqq. 34. norden, pp. 16 sqq. See 733–751, introductory note. 35. but cp. Georg. 4, 223. The AwAkening (Kate Chopin) ,. “Renewal and Rebirth in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening” by Robert C. Evans, University of Auburn at Montgomery As its title suggests, Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening is a book about renewal and rebirth. Edna Pontellier, its central character, is a young wife and mother whose life and outlook transform while she spends a summer vacation at Grand Isle, a resort off the coast of Louisiana, not far from New Orleans.

And was that earlier “self” any more “real” or any more commendable than the self she is now “casting aside”? At first glance, this passage seems to critique Léonce’s shortsightedness and to endorse Edna’s transformation, but, on second or third glance, the significance of the passage is far less clear. Few, if any, of the other characters in the novel are wholly sympathetic to the changes Edna begins to exhibit. Certainly Léonce is not, but his skepticism can partly be discounted because those changes challenge his own self-interests and his desire for control.

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