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By Debra L. Winegarten

This younger grownup biography introduces heart tuition readers to a amazing lady who based the Women's military Corps, served as Secretary of well-being, schooling, and Welfare, and ran a media empire that integrated the Houston submit newspaper and radio and television stations.

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S. involvement. World War II escalated in earnest. , she was appointed to the pre-planning committee for the new Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. ” But the bill faced much opposition and stalled in Congress. Now, with World War II well underway, the push for the new corps became urgent and intense, and a great legislative fight ensued in pursuit of the bill’s passage. While the War Department worked feverishly on planning for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, or WAAC, Secretary of War Henry Stimson and General George Marshall tasked Oveta with figuring out what jobs women could do in regular Army procedures with the least amount of special training.

11 The chief of staff informed Secretary of War Stimson that Oveta was his choice for the position of director of the WAAC because of her brilliant work in the Bureau of Public Relations and during negotiations for the WAAC bill. ”12 Finally, General Marshall and Secretary Stimson called Oveta in to meet with them. When Oveta arrived at General Marshall’s office, he read over her list of nine names, then gingerly placed it facedown on his desk. ” “General, I cannot,” she told him. But when Oveta discussed it with her husband, he said she could and should do it.

Governor Hobby had served two terms as governor of Texas, and Oveta’s mother had campaigned for him. 2 Oveta remembered Governor Hobby from the time she was in Austin with her father. He was a fifty-three-year-old widower, whose wife had died from a stroke two years before, in 1928. When Oveta visited Governor Hobby’s family in Dallas, she began to realize he was courting her. 3 She also served as parliamentarian for another session of the House of Representatives. 4 Oveta had promised to stay on at the legislature until the session closed.

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