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By Arnold Sommerfeld

This 383 web page textual content from 1959 is a continuation of the textual content "Electrodynamics" from the lectures of Arnold Sommerfeld. Divided into a number of chapters facing the next themes: mirrored image and Refraction of sunshine, Optics of relocating Media, idea of Dispersion, Crystal Optics, difficulties of Diffraction, challenge of the slender Slit, Presentation of the Cerenkov Electron, White mild, and extra.

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This can be attributed to lower diffusion (concentration) polarization at the cathode and an increase in the theoretical cell potential. Also, activation polarizations at the cathode are also reduced due to the increased partial pressures of oxygen and water. The increase in water partial pressure is significant because it affects the acid concentration which results in a concomitant rise in ionic conductivity38. As cell temperature increases, the reversible cell potential decreases. However, in most fuel cells, this thermodynamic disadvantage is typically offset by reductions in cell polarizations due to improved reaction kinetics.

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Each fuel cell technology has its advantages and given the ever-increasing electric capacity demands, they may all find a market niche. 2-19 Table 2-4 Comparison of 200 kWe PC25 Emissions vs. W. , “Eighty Months of Commercial Experience with PC25 Fuel Cell Power Plant,” 1998 Fuel Cell Seminar Abstracts, Palm Springs, November, p. 24. H. R. G. S. Department of Energy under contract no. DE-AC21-94MC31166, November, 1998, p. 1-15. 3 R. J. M. N. 285-288. S. Kemp, “ On-Site Fuel Cell Power Plant Technology and Development Program Annual Report-1984,” GRI85/0195, prepared by United Technologies Corp.

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