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By George B. Bridgman

Each one element of physique from skeletal point via including muscular tissues to "life" shape. Over four hundred illustrations.

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The coraco brachialis is named from its origin on a beak-like process of the shoulder blade. 1 The biceps bends the elbow and flexes the forearm. In so doing, it becomes thicker and shorter and is a good example as to what happens to every muscular engine when set in motion. The fulcrum or base, from which it exerts its power, is the shoulder blade, where its two heads are attached. Its tendon below ends in the forearm on the radius and the forearm is the lever on which it acts. The triceps muscle is situated on the back of the arm.

4. The arm external condyle. and forward. MUSCLES: II Another contrivance the to do this, the The biceps is a two headed to the muscle. By contraction, it de- above 2. presses the shoulder blade, flexes the forearm and rotates the radius outward. anticus: 3. (brachiBrachjalis pertaining to arm; anticus, in front) By contraction, it flexes the forearm. power needed is The triceps is a three headed to give rotary motion muscle. By contraction, it extends thumb side of the hand. forearm. 1. is to the In order attached lower third of the humerus the outer condyle and extends to near the end of the radius at the wrist.

The front and inner side of the forearm is composed of muscles that arise from the internal condyle of the humerus by common tendons and terminate below by tendons that are two-thirds the length of the muscle. These tendons separate to be inserted into the wrist and fingers and are known as 1. flexors. The muscles of the back and outer side of the forearm from the external condyle and adjacent ridge group of the humerus* As a mass it is on a higher level than that As to these muscles in of the inner side of the forearm.

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