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Sec. will appear to fall. b. E Q U A T I O N S OF MOTION If v0~ Initial velocity of a particle moving in a straight line. t (2) V = = l» tvtt (3) a =ia« 2 2 v t = 2 as (4) 45 E Q U A T I O N S OF MOTION If it possesses initial velocity final velocity vt . ,t)t =va*+2as ••• ... ••• • (5) (6) (7) (8) Note :—In the case of a body falling freely vertically downwards, the acceleration acting on it is equal to jr. (9) When a particle starting from rest slides down a smooth inclined plane of inclination 0> the acceleration a = g sin 6(10) -13.

See, in 4 sec. 55. A circket ball, of mass 180 gm. /sec , is hit in such a way that it returns with* the same speed in the direction just opposite to the original one. Find the change of velocity produced and assuming the blow to last 0-02 sec. calculate the average force with which the blow is struck. Hint: To find the change in velocity consider the proper algebraic signs from the directions of velocities- 56 MECHANICS 56. In what time will a velocity of 45 mi /hr. be generated in a train of 192 tons, if it starts, from rest and the pull exerted by the locomotive is 4 tons-wt.

Find the height of the tower, if it takes 5 sec. to reach the ground. /sec. /sec. 2 , we have, from s = vj^-^at 2 , the height of the tower s = (5 x 5 + 4 x 32 = 52 = ) 425 ft. 31. A bullet, fired vertically downwards from the top of a cliff 1064 ft. high, is found to hit a cobra near the foot of the cliff in 2 sec. Find the muzzle velocity of the bullet. 32. /sec. A pice is dropped from it when at a height of 768 f t . How long does it take to reach the ground after leaving the balloon ? /sec.

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