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By Paul Nonnekes

In Northern Love, Paul Nonnekes pursues debates in psychoanalysis and cultural thought in pursuit of a particular notion of a Canadian masculinity. In shut discussions of novels through Rudy Wiebe ( A Discovery of Strangers ) and Robert Kroetsch ( the guy from the Creeks ), Nonnekes levels from Hegel to Lacan, and Butler and Kristeva to ?i?ek, eliciting an evolving belief of affection attribute of the Canadian cultural imaginary.

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This means that we as subjects do not control the objet a; rather, the objet a is always already lost because as it expresses itself it immediately cuts away from the control of the subject who desires it. Due to its power of attraction the objet a elicits the desire of the subject but is immediately cut away from the subject into the real such that we could say that the subject does not really control the object but the object (in its relation to the real) controls the subject. A common response of our society to the experience subjects might have of objects being cut away into the real is to domesticate these strange objects by replacing them with normatively acceptable objects of desire.

On the other hand, the perceptual signifier, or thing-presentation, is open to affective transfers. The wordpresentation is linked to the preconscious-conscious system. The preconscious binds the unconscious memory by linking it to a linguistic signifier. This inhibits the transfer of affective energy and curtails the pathways where energy might go. The thing-presentation is open to libidinal transfer. In Silverman’s reading of Freud, the unconscious forms around an ideational representation that is primarily repressed.

52) The Canadian men – who are half-breeds, French and native – may be strong and courageous but they cannot reflect like the British. Franklin responds to their mutiny by reminding the Canadian men of their “contracted duty” and that he will treat them like English sailors and punish them if they do not obey. ” (53) And not his gun loaded. The ironic thing here is that Back realizes that the Canadian men could easily overtake the three officers with loaded pistols – Back, Franklin, and Richardson (Hood is useless with his pencil).

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