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Soil-plant relationships as soon as had a constrained that means. To the scholar of agriculture it intended developing optimal stipulations for plant development. To the ecologist it intended explaining a few plant group distribu­ tion styles through correlation with soil variety or stipulations. This twin view has been drastically extended at an instructional point by way of the invention of the atmosphere as a realistic operating unit.

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36 A Glossary of Soil Sciences Basalt: A dark colored fine grained igneous rock formed from mafic magma. Basalt Plateau : Extensive continental deposits of basaltic volcanic rock. Basaltic Magma: Mafic magma that forms basaltic igneous rocks. Base: (1) Substance having a pH greater than 7. (2) Substance that releases hydroxide ions (OH-). Base: A substance which dissociates (separates) in aqueous solution to yield hydroxyl ions, or one containing hydroxyl ions (OH-) which reacts with an acid to form a salt or which may react with metal to form a precipitate.

Area Studies Tradition: Academic tradition in modern Geography that investigates an area on the Earth from a geographic perspective at either the local, regional, or global scale. 5 m of the profile is non-gravelly and of sandy texture throughout. It is also loosely or weakly coherent (see consistence) and may have aeolian (wind-blown) cross-bedding. This term is used in the Australian Soil Classification (Isbell, 1995) to describe Rudosols and Tenosols. Arete : Sharp topographic ridge that separates cirques on a mountain that is or has been glaciated.

Reproduction) associated with specific segments. Annotation: The process of determining the location of specific genes in a genome map after it has been produced by nucleic acid sequencing. Annual : Any plant which completes its entire life cycles and dies within one year or less. Aquifer a stratum of earth or permeable rock that stores significant quantities of water. 20 A Glossary of Soil Sciences Associated milk producers, inc. (ampi) (dairy science) a farmer-owned milk cooperative that purchases milk from new mexico dairy producers.

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