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By Daniel E. Harmon

-- a sequence that info the exploration, annexation, and improvement of the African continent by way of Europeans in the course of nineteenth century colonization and its results on modern day Africa -- Generously illustrated volumes with infrequent and strange photos from the records of the Royal Geographical Society

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Zanzibar is part of Tanzania today, but for centuries it has existed in many ways independent of mainland East Africa, with a strong Arabian influence. New Pieces of the British Empire Britain established its presence in Kenya and Uganda largely by building the long railway through the interior, as discussed previously, and by military force when necessary. Initially British interests in the region were pursued by a commercial organization, the Imperial British East Africa Company. Chartered by the British government in 1888, the company obtained trading rights from the powerful Arab sultan on the island of Zanzibar who controlled the coastal area.

Friedrich Füllenborn, a German medical doctor and anthropologist who lived in Tanganyika from 1897–1900. ). An Untamed Land 43 Bantu House, Konde Area, Tanganyika, c. 1897–1900 This Bantu house was in the Ruvuma River basin of southern Tanganyika. Dr. Friedrich Füllenborn divided the Tanzanian Bantus into eight distinct tribes. No one group has been either politically or culturally dominant. However, those tribes which were subject to Christian missionary influence and western education during the colonial period are now disproportionately represented in the current governmental administration.

Uganda, although under British control, was decidedly a “black” land. World War I: Shake-Up Among the European Powers We mostly think of gruesome trench warfare in Europe when we think of World War I. Almost unremembered is the African theater. When England, France, and Belgium went to war against Germany, they did so in their homelands as well as their colonies. In East Africa the colonial governments enlisted or drafted natives to serve in their armies. Throughout the war years, 1914–1918, German East African forces campaigned against those of the British from the north (modern-day Uganda and Kenya) and south (Northern Rhodesia) and those of Belgium from the Congo to the west.

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