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By Alison Croggon

THE FOURTH AND ultimate publication within the seriously ACCLAIMED PELLINOR sequence In a determined race opposed to the darkish, Maerad needs to attempt to remedy the ultimate riddle of the Treesong. purely then will the anonymous One be defeated and peace restored within the Seven Kingdoms. yet Maerad in basic terms holds the most important to part the riddle her long-lost brother, Hem, has the opposite. prior to embarking on a dangerous trip to discover Hem, Maerad needs to first salary an epic conflict opposed to the Landrost. And Hem, fleeing the advances of the Black military, needs to suffer betrayal and mortal affliction in his look for Maerad. however the darkish grows ever extra robust will brother and sister achieve each other in time or will all be misplaced in a last, apocalyptic conflict? 'Passionate, inspiring characters . . . vividly defined landscapes . . . a superb sequence of delusion novels . . . ' THE BOOKSELLER (UK) 'This is a quest narrative, the most sturdy and enthralling varieties of tale . . . Croggon tells it fluently and confidently.' SYDNEY MORNING usher in stopover at - the vacation spot for younger grownup books.

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Well, it would help us beyond measure if it were so. " Isam sighed heavily. "Right now, the thought of doing anything other than sleeping for uncounted hours is almost unendurable," he said. " He stretched his arms wearily. " They wound past lines of Bards and fighters who were busily drying themselves and their equipment and looking about them with wonder. Malgorn was in the Watch House above the gate. He was openly delighted at the success of the charm, and when Isam told him of Maerad's part in it, embraced her with a new warmth.

Cadvan was scorching the wers with White Fire as they landed so they flared up like living torches and collapsed, wrecks of burned leather and bone; but still no one else seemed to be using magery. Maerad, said Indik into Maerad's mind. Do not forget t o t rack t he Landrost . This is meant to distract us ... In the confusion, Maerad had forgotten entirely about the Landrost. She hastily began to explore, feeling for his presence. She drew back as far as she could from the fighting, trying not to look: to witness these savage acts was somehow worse than to perform them.

They had been riding uphill, and the valley slanted down in front of her back toward Innail. The School itself was hidden in the murk, but Maerad could see black clouds building to the east of them in the distance beyond Innail. Even from this far it was clear that they were veined with strange lightning. There was a faint tang in the air, like the smell of burned metal, that left a sour taste in her mouth, and an oppression in her mind. She wondered why she hadn't noticed it before. She and Cadvan had discussed the risk of being caught on the road during one of the Landrost's attacks.

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