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From April 1860 to October 1861, the mail carrier often called the horse convey operated among Saint Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. Cross-country mail supply that used to take 3 weeks was once diminished to ten days. At its top, eighty riders weighing not more than one hundred twenty five kilos every one and four hundred to 500 horses carried the mail overland to a hundred stations averaging 25 miles aside. regardless of the risks of touring 2,000 miles over one of these brief period of time, just one supply was once ever misplaced. in reality, the horse show is credited with protecting California within the Union by way of delivering speedy communique among the coasts. Its reputable finish got here with the institution of the Pacific Telegraph corporation in 1861, and the founders ended up mentioning financial ruin. "The Pony show" explores the historical past of the predecessor to fashionable mail supply and its value in preserving communique open from coast to coast.

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With the opening of the war, Confederate raiders also considered the federally sponsored stagecoach line to be an intrusion, and soon bridges and stations along the line were destroyed. Even so, throughout the short run of the Butterfield Stagecoach Line, the long, arcing road across the Southwest delivered more mail than all the ships at sea. 29 3 Founding Fathers T he Butterfield line was one of the first casualties to fall with the outbreak of the Civil War in spring 1861. The route fell under control of Confederate forces, who destroyed the line so it could not be used by stagecoaches subsidized by their enemy, the federal government.

It galloped down the street to where a steamboat would take horse and rider as passengers upriver to Sacramento. Randall, however, was only there for the crowd, just as was the case with Richardson riding the first Pony Express horse to the waterfront in St. Joseph to hand the mare off to Fry, the real hired rider. Randall rode the steamer to Sacramento, where it arrived at 2:45 in the morning in a heavy downpour of rain. At that early hour, almost no one was present to witness Randall hand off the mochila to the Pony Express rider William Hamilton.

The soldiers could protect the telegraph crews who built the line. O’Rielly also thought that, since a string of stations would already be in place, the mail could be delivered between the stations, allowing for transcontinental delivery—in effect, the nation’s first crosscountry Pony Express. This time, Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois agreed to present O’Rielly’s plan in the spring of 1852. Despite heavy debate, the proposed bill almost passed, but then other issues of the day took up Congress’s time.

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