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By Richard Moss MD

The Mandala of Being exhibits us why and the way we habitually impede our innate capability for what Richard Moss calls radical aliveness, a lifetime of authenticity, overflowing power, and joy.

In those pages, Richard Moss provides us a good perform that's effortlessly integrated into day by day existence. It illustrates that there are in reality basically 4 areas our minds ever cross after we go away the Now — the previous, the longer term, judgments of ourselves, and judgments of others. It permits us to track exactly the course we've taken clear of our so much real and crucial being at any time when we aren't absolutely current, and concurrently exhibits us the best way home.

Drawing from his profound self-realization and greater than 3 a long time of operating with humans of various backgrounds, Richard Moss accompanies and encourages the reader on a trip towards freedom from worry and the other proscribing or threatening feeling. Deep self-understanding, internal ease, spontaneous therapeutic, extra gratifying relationships, and more advantageous creativity are all fantastic advantages which could come up from studying and reflecting at the Mandala of Being.

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The kites of selfidentification become more real than who or what holds the strings. This is the beginning of unending misery in the human realm. As children we grow into our sense of self without consciously understanding how we do so, and without recognizing the forces that cause us to constantly adapt ourselves to them, contributing to our original internalized feeling about ourselves. It is little wonder that, as a result, we confuse our essence with our sensations, feelings, thoughts, and roles.

This inquiry is troubling because the moment we turn our attention to finding the here of ourselves, we challenge the very basis of our identities. The inquiry undermines the basic sense of me. Who are we without all the judgments we use to define ourselves? Who are we without our habit of making ourselves the victims of our feelings? What is life like? We discover that we have been living in a dream in which this false identification and the material, social, and cultural world it has constructed collude to keep us in that dream.

It is in this relationship that we can begin to, in effect, “reparent” and “respiritualize” ourselves and move closer to an authentic expression of our essential selves. One of the remarkable qualities of our living universe is that it is self-reflexive. Whatever we project onto it is what it shows us. Science has taught us this. Whatever hypothesis we begin with, we always discover evidence to support this hypothesis. This doesn’t mean that the hypothesis is necessarily true, only that we will find evidence that makes us believe it is true, at least for a while.

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