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By Brian Jacques

A dismal strength is rampaging in the course of the forests of Mossflower. Gulo the Savage, wolverine, flesh-eater and brutal killer, has encounter the seas looking for his brother, Askor. Askor stole the recognized strolling stone that may make certainly one of them king of the lands of ice and snow - and Gulo desires it again. Anybeast who will get in Gulo's manner is useless meat. actually. Rakkety Tam McBurl is a courageous border warrior, travelled south looking for event. but if his military is attacked by way of Gulo's flesh-eating band, experience unearths him. Gulo is heading for the traditional Redwall Abbey - and Rakkety Tam is decided to not allow the savage Gulo spoil the peaceable methods of Redwall.

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Doogy Plumm was setting a small eagle feather in his cap. He spat on one paw and preened his tail slowly. ” 30 Brian Jacques Hinjo pleaded. “Come on, mates, please, or she’ll have my hide. ” Tam cinched his broad belt tight and set his cap at a jaunty angle. ” His companion threw up a smart tail salute. ” Rakkety Tam bowed gallantly to Doogy. “After you, sir. ” They marched out in perfect step, leaping together up into the big old chestnut trunk. A wide platform of limbs and boughs connected the chestnut with several large trees nearby.

The otter chieftain latched the door gently, murmuring to Humble, “No more fires on the walltops for a while, Father. I’ll tell the wallguards to stay alert during the night, an’ keep a weather eye peeled for anythin’ unusual. ” The Abbot patted Skipper’s brawny paw. “A good idea, my friend. ” After breakfasting late, the Dibbuns had stampeded out into the snow again. Inside, the Abbey was relatively quiet. The dishes had been cleared away from Great Hall tables, and most of the elders had gone outdoors.

Thy loyal subjects call to thee, protect us with thy paws. ” A huge, ancient chestnut tree, which held the court within its spreading limbs, had a small barred door set in the base of its trunk. This was the cell which held dissidents and malefactors. Doogy Plumm peered through the tiny barred aperture and laughed. Then, in his strong Northern Highland accent, he shouted out, “Ho ho ho! ” Doogy, a short, thick-bodied squirrel, was no lightweight himself. He turned to his fellow prisoner—a tall, powerful, Rakkety Tam 27 sinewy-built beast.

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