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In other words, the sign of these quantities was indicative enough of the direction along which the quantity is pointing. Motion in two dimensions, however, is more involved and will require the use of vectors. In two-dimensional motion, the quantities displacement, velocity, and acceleration can be resolved into two components. If the plane of motion is taken as the x–y plane, one of the two components can be chosen to be along the x-axis and the other component can be chosen to be along the y-axis.

13 Locate on a plane polar coordinate system a point P whose coordinates are (5, π/3). Answer and Analysis Starting from a point, O, first draw a reference line, and from O, then draw another line OP that makes an angle θ = π/3 with the reference line. Along this new line, locate a point P that is away from O with a distance of 5 units (the figure below). The point P then is the point of coordinates (5, π/3). 7 VECTORS Two classes of physical quantities that are of interest are vectors and scalars.

0 min. Find a. The average velocity of the motorist during this trip b. 8 A driver is driving her car between two cities, Indiana and the suburb of Philadelphia, 416 km apart. 0 km/h. Assuming the highway was along a straight west–east turnpike, determine a. The total time that took the driver to get to her destination b. The average velocity of the driver during her whole trip c. 20 m off a hardwood floor. With what upward velocity did he leave the floor? 00 m/s. 20 s. If air resistance is assumed negligible a.

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