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By Armen M. Gulian, Gely F. Zharkov

This publication introduces the most recommendations of nonequilibrium phenomena in superconductors. The authors conceal either experimentally well-understood themes and difficulties which physicists may possibly problem extra in view of present theoretical realizing. a few of these issues comprise thermoelectric phenomena, impact of laser radiation in addition to fluctuations in superconductors.

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4. Solutions in Momentum Representation In the momentum space, Eqs. 123) may be rewritten as Or, counting the energy from the Fermi energy level The solution of Eqs. 3. BCS–GOR'KOV THEORY 25 [One should bear in mind that since the case of is being considered here, The rules to bypass the poles in Eq. , Ref. 5. 129) may be used. Self-consistency Equation Substituting Eq. 129), one arrives (with self-consistency equation at the Integration in Eq. 133) over the angles and energy leads to divergence of the integral at large energies.

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22) Comparing Eq. 25), respectively, and noting that the first integral is nonzero at and the second at only, we find where is the electron mean-free-path. 1. 4. 28) in powers of the Bose field for example, in an equation for the G-function: Separating the free line in this diagram, we obtain a remaining series plus a class of diagrams with even numbers of which enter the sum after the sign of the cross (we do not distinguish here between and Two options are possible when the external broken line is separated from such a diagram: there is either an even or an odd number of vertices in the inner and in the outer regions of this broken line.

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