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By Judith Clarke

Neema's nice grandmother, Kalpana, is coming to go to. She's been dreaming of flying back, and now she's able to depart her village in India.

Neema and her pal, Kate, have simply began at Wentworth excessive. For English they've got faded Ms Dallimore; all people calls her the Bride of Dracula. Ms Dallimore desires her scholars to imagine, and picture - and discover ways to fly!

At first, Neema is awkward with Kalpana. Kalpana does not communicate English and Neema does not communicate Hindi. but if they meet the flying boy, they either keep in mind whatever they'd misplaced lengthy ago.

Judith Clarke writes with tenderness and humour during this tale of coming jointly and discovering the essence of who you are.

Clarke's quiet knowledge and prepared figuring out will contact hearts and stimulate imagination'

Wolf at the Fold - Publishers Weekly US

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25 Kalparna's Dream Text 17/3/04 3:49 PM Page 26 And Miss Lilibet obeyed! She obeyed a four-year-old! Kate watched the small sad figure plodding down the road, shoulders drooping, head lowered in defeat. That was one thing she’d never be when she grew up, decided Kate: a keeper of a crèche. ‘You shouldn’t run away from the poor thing,’ she scolded Lucy. There was no reply. Stealthy as a footpad, Lucy had scuttled off again. Kate spotted her almost at once, down at the bus-stop, talking to – Oh no!

Yet whenever some stranger in the street said ‘sweet’, Kate fumed inside. Oh, it was all right for them! They didn’t have to live with her, they didn’t have to share a room! ’ wondered a thin spiky-looking girl with a prefect’s badge pinned proudly to her chest. ’ ‘That’s for me to know and you to find out,’ replied Lucy, in the manner of her gran. ’ Lucy stamped her little foot. The girls laughed. ’ ‘Look at her eyes! ’ ‘No they haven’t! My eyes are beautiful! My gran says! 27 Kalparna's Dream Text 17/3/04 3:49 PM Page 28 Yours aren’t though – yours are like, like–’ Kate rushed up.

Jessaline O’Harris was the only one who’d really started, and starting it was as far as Jessaline had got. ’ Brainy Jessaline had shaken her skinny plaits in bewilderment. ’ She’d fished a crumpled piece of paper from her pocket and showed it to them. ’ Kate and Neema saw a single messy paragraph, with more crossings-out than words. Jessaline had scrunched 31 Kalparna's Dream Text 17/3/04 3:49 PM Page 32 it into a ball and tossed it on the library floor. ‘I can’t believe I did that,’ she’d said, shaking her plaits again.

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