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By Harold, Ed Bloom

Hugely prompt for educational collections, this is often one in a chain of books which provides contemporary essays by way of famous critics who study points of a unmarried literary paintings intimately. This publication covers John Knowles' 'A Separate Peace'.

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The condition which high friendship demands is ability to do without it. That high office requires great and sublime parts. There must be very two, before there can be very one. Let it be an alliance of two large and formidable natures, mutually beheld, mutually feared, before yet they recognize the deep identity which beneath these disparities unites them (Ibid, 208–209). Of the two principal characters in A Separate Peace, Finny is the classic hero—the good, the true, the beautiful, developed from Grecian gold and Teaching Emerson through A Separate Peace 41 Spartan silver.

When they discovered the circle,” he says, “they created sports,” a narrow truth taken from Emerson’s larger quotation: Teaching Emerson through A Separate Peace 43 The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end. It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world (“Circles,” III, 198). Students being exposed to Emerson and A Separate Peace should find a valuable and interesting experience in juxtaposing quotations from Emerson with quotations or actions in the novel.

26–27) The game of blitzball, which Finny himself invents to perk up a dull summer at Devon, is more than an example of his ingratiating manner with his fellow students; the game is a symbol of his very being: He had unconsciously invented a game which brought his own athletic gifts to their highest pitch. The odds were tremendously against the ball carrier, so that Phineas was driven to exceed himself practically every day when he carried the ball. To escape the wolf pack which all the other players became he created reverses and deceptions and acts of sheer mass hypnotism which were so extraordinary that they surprised even him; after some of these plays I would notice him chuckling quietly to himself, in a kind of happy disbelief.

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