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By Wendy Conklin

This source presents classes and actions that deliver 4 far away cultures vibrantly into the study room and immerse scholars in background. wealthy heritage fabrics aid attractive actions comparable to reading-aloud a quick play in keeping with the epic of Gilgamesh, studying the fundamentals of chinese language calligraphy, making plans an Indus Valley shuttle itinerary, enjoying a board online game renowned in old Kush, and plenty of extra. to be used with Grades five & Up.

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Distribute to students Indus Valley Travel Map. Have them follow the instructions to create a map for their clients. Allow students to use reference materials and Web sites to fill in their maps. Answers du s River Students descriptions will vary, but may include— Harappa: an ancient Indus Valley city on the Indus River in what is now Pakistan; Kalibangan: an ancient Indus Valley city on the now extinct Ghaggar-Hakra River in what is now India; Lothal: a small Indus Valley settlement near the Sabarmati River and the Arabian Sea in what is now India; Mohenjo-Daro: an ancient Indus Valley city on the Indus River in what is now Pakistan; Rupar: an ancient Indus Valley city on the Rupar Sutlej River in what is now India; HIM Brahmaputra Harappa Himalaya Mountains: the world’s ALA River Y n AM I Kalibangan highest mountain system located in OUNTAINS India and Tibet; Indo-Gangetic MohenjoIndo-Gangetic Plain Daro Plain: the world’s largest alluvial plain; Deccan Plateau: a plateau on Lothal the southern peninsula of India; Ganges Deccan River Indus River: the longest river in Plateau Pakistan and a source for one of the world’s largest irrigation systems; Ganges River: one of the world’s Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal longest rivers, considered sacred by Hindus, and located in India and Bangladesh; Brahmaputra River: an Scale of Miles important waterway that flows from 0 500 the Himalaya Mountains: in Tibet INDIAN OCEAN to the Ganges River in India; Arabian Sea: a northern part of the Indian Ocean.

H . . OW ...... m ❶ Divide the class into pairs. Give each pair an egg carton and 48 pebbles or markers. Share with students the background information about Wari on page 57. ❷ Have players each choose one side of the board and place four markers in each of their six holes. Explain that the object of the game is to capture more markers than your opponent. Relay the following rules to pairs: • Players alternate turns. • Players always begin their turn on their own side of the board. • Markers always move counter-clockwise around the board.

Answers 1. Memphis 2. six 3. Meroe is located within a triangle of rivers. 4. the Red Sea. 5. Soba Ancient Civilizations © Wendy Conklin, Scholastic Teaching Resources 51 Name _________________________________________________ Date _____________________ A Map of the Nile Kush Mediterranean Sea c. 500 BC Memphis (Cairo) Nile ARABIAN R i DESERT ve r LIBYAN DESERT Coptos SOUTHWEST ASIA Thebes Aswan Berenice First Cataract AFRICA Second Cataract Third Cataract Macoraba (Mecca) Red Sea Kerma Fourth Cataract Napata Fifth Cataract 0 100 200 Soba iver eR Blu ver ite Ri Wh Scale of Miles Riv ara Atb Meroe Sixth Cataract er Adulis Aksum Adane (Aden) Gulf of Aden 300 Use the map to answer the following questions.

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