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By Thomas W. Hungerford

Summary ALGEBRA: AN advent is meant for a primary undergraduate path in smooth summary algebra. Its versatile layout makes it appropriate for classes of varied lengths and diversified degrees of mathematical sophistication, starting from a conventional summary algebra path to at least one with a extra utilized style. The e-book is geared up round topics: mathematics and congruence. every one topic is constructed first for the integers, then for polynomials, and eventually for jewelry and teams, so scholars can see the place many summary thoughts come from, why they're very important, and the way they relate to 1 another.
New Features:
- A groups-first choice that allows those that are looking to conceal teams prior to jewelry to take action easily.
- Proofs for novices within the early chapters, that are damaged into steps, every one of that is defined and proved in detail.
- within the center path (chapters 1-8), there are 35% extra examples and thirteen% extra routines.

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It. 3. First, assume that a"" c (modn). ::[c]. To do this, letbE[a]. Then by definitionb= a(modn). Since a= c (modn), wehaveb = c(modn)bytransitivity. :: [c]. :: [a]. Therefore, [a]= [c]. [a] = [c]. Since a=a (mod n) by reflexivity, aE[c]. By the definition of [c] , we see that Conversely, assume that we have aE[a] and, hence, a= c (modn). • A and Care two sets, there are usually three possibilities: Either A and Care dis­ A = C, or A n C is nonempty but A * C. 4 Two congruence classes modulo n are either disjoint or identical.

7, -4, -1, 2, 5, 8, . }. • Notice, however, that [-1] is the same class because [-1] Furthermore, = {-1+3k I kEZ} 2= -1 = {. . ' -1, -4, -1, 2, 5, . . }. (mod 3). This is an example of the following theorem. 3 = [c]. is an "if and only if" statement, we must prove two different things: 1. If a= c (mod n), 2. If [a] = then [a] = [c]. [c], then a= c (mod n). Neither of these proofs will use the definition of congruence. 1 ). d. KlUOlld,, or�:iawtdlioriaj*t. it. 3. First, assume that a"" c (modn).

Hint: Denote [ai. a2, , ak] by m. By the Division Algorithm, t = mq +r, with 0 s r < m. Show that a1 Ir for i = 1, 2, ... , k. (b) If t is an integer such that [ai. a2, • • • ... ] *Induction is discussed in Appendix C. W-t.. a-:it. 3 Primes and Unique Factorization 17 32. Let a and b be integers, not both 0, and let tbe a positive integer. Prove that tis the least oommon multiple of a and b if and only if t satisfies these conditions: (i) (ii) a ] t and b I t; If a [ c and b Jc, then t I c. C.

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