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By Philip T. Sudo

Enlightenment is close by -- 24 hours an afternoon, 7 days a week.

If you are trying to find revelation and contentment, glance no extra than a handshake, a cup of espresso -- even your laundry pile. the main mundane info of existence include zen's profound truths, in case you are of the brain to appear for them.

By awakening to and embracing the zen on your lifestyles, you will pay attention, watch, consume, paintings, chortle, sleep, and breathe your strategy to fact -- each second of each day.

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It is the building block of a spiritual life. 36 Zen 24/7 zen computer In this technological age, few machines have done more to change our lives than the computer. At times, those changes can be overwhelming. But dealing with change lies at the heart of zen study. If zen is to be an everymoment practice, then our time with the keyboard and mouse is part of that practice as well. We can start our practice with one simple gesture: By nodding to the machine. In the art of Japanese swordsmanship, the samurai bow to their swords before and after training as a way of showing reverence for the its power and significance in life.

A famous story tells of the master Hyakujo, who toiled around the temple grounds even at the age of eighty. His students pleaded with him to ease up, but he refused. One day the students hid his tools to prevent Hyakujo from working. In turn, the master refused to eat. “No work, no food,” he said. All of life is an interconnected system of work. Without the work of farmers, the food wouldn’t grow. Without the work of truck drivers, it wouldn’t get delivered. Without the work of grocers, it wouldn’t get distributed.

Zen Sun 25 zen keys For some reason, a lot of us have trouble remembering where we put our keys. Just when we’re ready to leave the house on time, we end up having to search for our keys. Zen demands attention to life’s ordinary details— where we put things down, how we pick them up. In one single action, we can fall off the path or put ourselves back on. When mind and action are separate, zen is lost. We keep the two in sync by paying attention. A zen story tells of a monk named Tenno who had just completed his apprenticeship to become a zen teacher.

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