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By Robert D. Enright

The Forgiving Life bargains scientifically supported counsel to aid humans forgive these of their lives who've acted unfairly and feature inflicted emotional damage. It doesn't reduce the devastation of that harm or require reconciliation with the one that inflicted the harm. quite, it describes a method, with good fortune via humans all over the world, to confront the discomfort; upward thrust above it to forgive; and in so doing, loosen the grip of the melancholy, anger, and resentment that experience soured life.

Noted forgiveness specialist Robert D. Enright invitations readers to benefit the advantages of forgiveness and to embark on a direction of forgiveness, forsaking a legacy of affection. Guided by way of proposal frightening questions, attractive discussion, and Enright's variety encouragement, readers can chart their very own trip via a brand new lifetime of forgiveness

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At a 4-month followup, the experimental group had more efficiently functioning hearts than did the control group. “The Effects of a Forgiveness Intervention on Patients With Coronary Artery Disease,” by M. A. Waltman, D. C. Russell, C. T. Coyle, R. D. Enright, A. C. Holter, and C. Swoboda, 2009, Psychology & Health, 24, pp. 11–27. Emotionally abused women. Results are similar to the above studies in terms of emotional health (decreased anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and increased self-esteem).

To forgive is to deliberately offer goodness in the face of your own pain to the one who was unfair to you. This is an act of great courage, not weakness. As we see in subsequent chapters, forgiveness—like justice or patience or kindness or love—is a virtue, and all virtues are concerned with the exercise of goodness. It is always appropriate to be good to others, if you so choose and are ready to do so. As a caution, if you have only one dollar to feed your hungry child and you get a phone call requesting that you give to the local animal shelter, you should not exercise goodness toward the shelter if it means depriving your child of basic needs.

The beauty of forgiveness is that it allows you to add goodness to your story even when others are intent on polluting your very being with injustices, whether by words, actions, or failures to say or act when they should. Love empowers, and because forgiveness is a variant of love, it too empowers those who are treated unfairly. The beauty of forgiveness is evident when your story is seemingly being written with lots of sadness and bitterness. Forgiveness cannot reverse what has happened to you, but it can reverse your reactions now to what has happened.

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