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By Clare Walker Leslie

With dozens of easy activates and routines, best-selling writer, naturalist, and artist Clare Walker Leslie invitations you to step open air for only a couple of minutes an afternoon, reignite your experience of ask yourself concerning the flora and fauna, and realize the peace and grounding that come from connecting with nature. utilizing lovely images in addition to the author’s personal unique illustrations, The Curious Nature advisor will motivate you to take advantage of your entire senses to note the colours, sounds, smells, and textures of the timber, vegetation, animals, birds, bugs, clouds, and different positive factors that may be visible correct open air your place, irrespective of the place you reside. cartoon or write approximately one unparalleled nature snapshot on a daily basis; discover ways to establish cloud varieties and the elements they bring about; or create a list of what you spot on a daily basis as you stroll your puppy. effortless, relaxing, and enlightening, those uncomplicated workouts will remodel your view of the area and your home inside it.

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Some plants depend on the wind to move pollen around, and many depend on insects. The next time you eat a fruit or vegetable or buy flowers, thank a bee, butterfly, spider, or hummingbird. T RY T H I S Keep your eye out for flowering plants and the insects that surround them. Which flowers seem to draw the most pollinators? How many pollinators can you find around the same kind of flower? indd 57 5/20/15 11:15 AM Wild Plants There are many plants that no one planted. Some of them we call wildflowers.

Indd 35 5/20/15 11:14 AM Nature’s Moods What kind of feeling do you get from different colors on different days? indd 37 5/20/15 11:14 AM Sunrise and Sunset Have you stopped to watch the sunrise or sunset lately? Noticed how the colors in the sky continually change as the sun comes up in the east, arcs over the sky, then sets in the west? As the light changes, so does bird activity, the smell of the earth and the air, wind velocity, temperature, and even the direction flowers face. T RY T H I S Note the colors of the sky at sunrise or sunset over the course of a few days or weeks.

Make a list of everything you find. Return a week or season later and make a new list. What has changed? indd 61 5/20/15 11:15 AM No Flowers Here Have you noticed some of the stranger members of the plant (and fungus) world? Mushrooms growing in damp woods, soft mosses, and ferns in shady places? Instead of having flowers, they reproduce with tiny grainlike spores. indd 62 5/20/15 11:15 AM T RY T H I S Make a spore print with a mushroom cap. Find a mature mushroom and remove the stem. Place the cap, gills down, on a piece of paper or glass.

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