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By G. F. J. Garlick (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

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The system warrants further detailed investigation as single crystal specimens can be easily grown and no impurity activator is necessary. The emission is of the same order of intensity as for conventional visible emission phosphors of the sulphide group 1 . 29. The luminescence of silica. The cathodoluminescence emission spectrum of a silica phosphor made by heating the precipitate Si0 2 to 1300° C has a double peak 2 • Recent studies of luminescence in vitreous silica have been made by GARINO-CANINA 3 • He finds an absorption band at 2420 A and luminescence in bands at 2800 and 3960 A with a faint band at 4360 A.

Solid solutions of MgO-NiO studied by KRÖGER et coll. 5 show a number of discrete absorption bands between 2500 and 8000 A. MgO-NiO (1o- 3 per mol. MgO) phosphors show a green luminescence at 90 °K when excited by cathode rays, the emission band showing eight sub-bands with separation L1 v = 194 cm-1 and attributed to transitions in the Ni2 + ions broadened by vibrational coupling. MgO-Bi phosphors 6 show such a fine structure but with different spacing. Vibrational terms are thus most likely modes of the activator and neighbours rather than of the crystal lattice.

Sometimes known as LENARD phosphors, they were many and varied in kind and in recipe for R. FRERICHS: Phys. Rev. 72, 594 (1947). R. LORENZ: Ber. 24, 1501 (1891). 3 I. BROSER and R. WARMINSKY: Dtsch. -Pat. Appl. B 2198. 4 H. ST. CLAIR DEVILLE and TROOST: C. R. Acad. Sei. Paris 52, 1920 (1861). 6 M. E. BISHOP and S. H. LIEBSON: J. App. Phys. 24, 660 (1953). 8 D. C. REYNOLDS and S. J. CzYZAK: Phys. Rev. 79, 543 (1950). J. Opt. Soc. Amer. 44, 864 (1954). 7 W. W. PIPER: J. Chem. Phys. 20, 1343 (1952).

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