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27477, 11. 1-28). This hymn itself has a structure similar to that of the Temple Hymns composed by Enheduanna (Sjoberg and Bergmann 1969: 5): praise to the temple, followed by praise to the god, starting with the word nun, 'prince'. In 1. ) nam-kalam-ba-tar-ra-ta. From a much later time, in the inscriptions of Sennacherib (Luckenbill 1924: 94 11. 63-65; 103 11. 23-33), the accounts of building the 'Palace Without a Rival' in Nineveh start off with poetic passages extolling the city, but this may be an independent development rather than a return to archaic literary conventions.

5. These descriptions are not exact architectural accounts, and do not enable the reader to visualize the shape of the temple, even partially or schematically. They are somewhat reminiscent of the descriptions of temples found in the Temple Hymns (see Sjoberg and Bergmann 1969). Many parts of the temple are described in animal imagery. For these passages, see Heimpel 1968. ), see Cooper 1978: 145-46. 1. Sumerian and Old Babylonian Building Stories 41 lengths of the two framing hymns, they are strikingly similar in language (Cyl.

The four sections, which are delineated and separated from each other by the three dreams, differ from each other not only in the activities described, but also in the participants involved and the location: In the first part, which describes the divine decision, the players are Enlil, head of the pantheon, and Ningirsu, the patron god of Lagash. The scene of the action is the divine dwelling place, wherever that might be. In the second part, which tells how Gudea clarified the divine will, the actors are Gudea and a number of personal, regional deities, who have technical functions.

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