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Growth is most painful when we resist it. 34 HAPPINESS IN A NUTSHELL 35 快樂箴言 如果生活裡有一件事 你不喜歡, 就別去想它, 別去談它﹗ 它之所以繼續存在, 正因為你的思想給了它能量。 把能量抽走, 它自然就無法存在。 f there is something in your life you don’t want, stop worrying about it and stop talking about it! The energy you put into it keeps it alive. Withdraw your energy and it will likely go away. 36 HAPPINESS IN A NUTSHELL 人生的目標 不是要擺脫問題 而是要積極地面對。 Y our mission in life is not to be without problems your mission is to get excited. 37 快樂箴言 你專注地去做的事 必然有發展… 所以想清楚 你究竟要甚麼! W hat you focus on expands ...

Some days you will cruise through until bedtime, and some days you won’t make it past breakfast. If peace of mind is your daily goal, you will get better and better. 56 HAPPINESS IN A NUTSHELL 你生活的使命 不是要改變世界。 你的使命是改變自己。 沒有「外在」的解決方法, 只有「內在」的解決方法。 Y our mission in life is not to change the world. Your mission is to change yourself. There are no “outside” solutions, only “inside” solutions. 57 快樂箴言 Y ou give your best not because you need to impress people. You give your best because that’s the only way to enjoy your work.

You give your best because that’s the only way to enjoy your work. ” 你全力以赴去做一件事, 不是為了取悅他人。 你全力以赴去做一件事, 因為那是享受工作 的唯一方法。 59 快樂箴言 快樂是來自真正參與, 挑戰自己, 出於心甘情願, 並非迫不得已。 無論你從事甚麼工作, 它都只是協助你與人溝通的橋樑。 T he joy is in doing your thing and stretching because you choose to, not because you have to. Whatever you do for a living is a vehicle to connect with people. ” No Fred, your life is a mess because you think like you do! 61 快樂箴言 第一課 第二課 第三課 第四課 第五課 負債初階 沉重負債 貧窮I與II 債台高築 窮途末路 62 HAPPINESS IN A NUTSHELL 人生在世, 就得學習種種課題, 世界就是我們的良師。 如果我們沒有學會某一課題, 我們只會一而再、 再而三地面對同樣的課題! 當我們學完了這個課題, 便可以開始學習下一個。 (我們面對的課題是永遠學不完的!) W e are here to learn lessons, and the world is our teacher.

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