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Per square inch displaces 30,000 cubic feet of air. What will it displace when at such a height that the atmospheric volume pressure 6. is 12 Ibs. When ? a certain steam boiler is working at a pressure of per square inch it is capable of discharging 20 Ibs. of steam per minute. If the pressure be worked up to 150 Ibs. per square inch and maintained there what would be the possible discharge rate ? 120 Ibs. 7. A cylindrical steel cylinder is 5 feet long and 8 inches internal diameter and is filled with "Poison gas" at a pressure of Ibs.

Different liquids have different surface tensions which can be determined or compared either by observing the heights to which they rise in capillary tubes of : equal diameter, allowances being made for the different densities of the liquids, or by a direct weighing method. This consists in suspending a thin plate of glass vertically from one arm of a balance and adjusting the balance. A vessel of water is then placed beneath the glass and gradually raised until the water just touches the lower edge when the surface tension pulls down the balance.

P. Y. - Force, In scientific > produces a unit change of For example it is found that if a force of velocity. Ibs. weight be applied to a mass of 1 lb. , is tree to move without friction, it will move and its by foot per second every second. Therefore the unit of force according to this definition velocity will increase is ; ( Ibs.

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