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Bartholomew Edict of Nantes, 1598; Revocation, 1685 Henry III, 1574-89 Bourbons, to 1792 llOd Henry IV, 1589-1610 (Marie llOg Louis XIII, 1610-43 llOh 1101 Richelieu (Cardinal), 1585-1642 Louis XIV, 1643-1715 110m Mazarin, 1602-61; llOn Retz, 1613-79 llOp llOr 110s llOv llOw de' Medici; Sully) The Fronde Maintenon, 1635-1719 Louis XV, 1715-74 (Pompadour) Saint-Simon, 1675-1755 Louis XVI, 1774-92 Marie Antoinette, 1755-1793 [See also 34f 122n 41 XVII Louis llOz 18th Century: Ancient regime Revolution, 1789-99 llle Assemblee Nationale, 1789-92 lllh Convention, 1792-95 (including the Terror) llln Directoire, 1795-99 11 Ir Emigres lllz 113 Biography of Revolution period Consulate and Empire, 1799-1815 113f Russian Campaign, 1812, and to 1814 113k Escape from Elba Campaign 1815; Waterloo Battle 113n Napoleon 113t 113v 114 Local History (Dauphin) llOy 111 France.

130 fm Modena 130 fp Parma 130 fr Ravenna 130g 130h 130i Italv 132v Cavour 129if 130a [Papal state 3 In [Normans Spanish-Austrian period, 1527-1796 130 80r [Medieval, see also 82 Commmies, Guelfs and Ghibelins to 1300 14th and 15th Centuries. s Lombard kingdom, 568-774 129f [Ancient House of Este Bologna Liguria (modern), and the Riviera Genoa [Corsica 132d I, 1 132q 43 130] Lombardy; Lakes Como, Maggiore, Lugano Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, IMantua, Pavia, 130k Milan 130m Marches Sardini; Sondrio fLoreto, see also 17m Ancona, Ascoli, Macerata, Pesaro-e-Urbino 130n 130p loOr Piedmont Alessandria, Aosta, Cuneo, Xovara [Sardinia 132q Turin [Savoy 122w Tuscany (and Florence).

Colonial Period to 1775 Note: See also colonial histories of the thirteen original states. 156f 156i 156k 156n 156t 158 King William's War, 1689-97 Queen Anne's War, 1702-13 King George's War, 1744-48 French and Indian War, 1754-63 Capture of Quebec, 1759 Pontiac's War, 1763-64 The Revolution, 1776-82 A. , Society of the Cincinnati 158c D. A. , 158f Preliminaries S. Writs of Assistance, 1761 Stamp Act, 1765 Navigation Acts Boston Massacre, 1770 Boston Tea Party, 1773 Boston Port Bill, 1774 Mecklenburg Resolutions, 1775 Declaration of Independence, 1776 158k Campaigns, Battles 158n Naval History of Revolution 158r Auxiliaries and Foreigners 158t 158w Celebrations, Fourth of July Orations, Sermons George Washington Mary and Martha Washington 158z Biography : 160 United States.

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