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Finally, CA requires CI to protect its own programmes. " There are two additional reasons for the close association between covert action and the other elements. First is that of command and control. Direction is almost impossible if the elements are not integrated within a single organization, responding to the same leader. If they are not, and they pursue their respective objectives independently, there will be competition for assets abroad ultimately leading to chaos such as occurred in early post-World War 11 US intelligence history.

P. 211. Illustrations of the continuing eontroversy surrounding the role of the symbiotie elements can be found in the writing of New York Times intelligence reporter Philip Taubman. See, for example, his 'Intra-Agency Rifts Laid to Niearaguan Operation', New York Times, 5 August 1983. 39. See for example Morton Halperin, J. Berman, R. Borosage and C. Warlurch , The Lawless State (New York: Penguin Books, 1976). 2 Intelligence: a British View lohn Bruce Lockhart INTRODUCflON 'Intelligence' is an umbrella word covering a wide field of different activities and skills.

The object of this section is to define the areas that it covers. It can mean the whole process of the 'vetting' of individuals who have access to information wanted by the enemy . This includes all members of the Horne Secret Security Service, the Foreign Secret Service, the Code Breaking Service, and all those involved in high technology with military implications, both in the public and private sector. Not only should they be 'vetted' on their recruitment but , unpleasant though it is, the pattern of their personal Iife has to be 44 What Is Intelligence?

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