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By Raymond M. Smullyan

A variety of puzzles facing notice play and good judgment, arithmetic and philosophy, that includes Alice and the creatures of Wonderland.

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Interrupted Alice 2 ALICE IN PUZZLE- LAND (who had heard quite enough morals for the day). " said the Duchess most emphatically. "That may be true where you come from, but around here the sane people are one hundred percent accurate in their beliefs! " Alice thought this over. " asked Alice. " THE CATERPILLAR AND THE LIZARD "Well," replied the Duchess, "take, for example, the Caterpillar and Bill the Lizard. " asked Alice. " replied the Duchess. " What is the solution? Is the Caterpillar mad or sane?

Because it don't hang together, nohow—it just don't make no sense! " Alice thought this over. " asked Alice. " The Gryphon then explained to Alice why the Duchess's story as a whole is impossible, and he was right! If you review all the things the Duchess said, you will see that it is not consistent (assuming the Duchess was not deliberately lying). How does one prove this? 29 The Gryphon and the Mock Turtle A. The Gryphon Explains His Method "So you sees I was right," said the Gryphon, "it was just her fancy, that's all!

Said Alice. "I'd be very interested in seeing your method. " "Right," said the Gryphon. " "Good," said the Gryphon. "Now then, after he gave the March Hare one tart, he had twice as many tarts as the March Hare. " "Let's see," said Alice. "Reasoning the same way, he had two parts to the March Hare's one part—in other words, he had two tarts to every one of the March Hare's, or, out of every three tarts, the Hatter had two and the March Hare had one. " "Quite right," said the Gryphon. " asked Alice.

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