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By Rusty Fischer

Within the sleepy small city of Barracuda Bay, Maddy fast leads the lifetime of a fairly average youngster, yet whereas attending a celebration one evening, Maddy is struck by means of lightning and awakens to observe she has been reanimated and grew to become into a zombie. whereas turning into conversant in her new "lifestyle," Maddy stumbles upon unexpected undead chaperones, fellow scholars Dane and Chloe, who start to train her the methods of zombie existence, together with protecting the population from Zerkers—the undesirable zombies. jointly, on promenade evening, the 3 teens must finally shield Barracuda Bay excessive from an all-out zombie Armageddon.

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That’s crazy, though,” I practically shout back, thinking of Stamp, of the way he looked embarrassed asking me to the party this afternoon, of how relieved he looked when I said yes, of his chocolate chip eyes and sporty bicep and how good it was going to feel around my warm, soft, undead shoulder. And how all of that is gone now, forever, and now these two are the ones to tell me all about it. And is it just me, or is Dane actually happy to tell me about it? ” Chloe asks. ” Dane’s sitting up in his chair.

Asks the Elder in the middle, who must be the ringleader. “I turned last night, sir. I didn’t, well, I didn’t know about any of … this …until my zombie friends explained everything to me. ” “Ignorance is no excuse,” the Elder on the end says, wheezing. ” He nods, satisfied. So does the Elder in the middle of the table, licking his lips with a dry, dead tongue. Though every muscle of my head and neck wants me to look away, I look straight ahead and smile back. ” “Just, well, that there are rules, laws I must abide by.

I chuckle, but neither Goth is amused. “That’s kind of hard, you guys. I mean, there are only, like, 600 kids going to Barracuda Bay High in the first place. What am I supposed to do? ” Neither Goth answers. At least, not right away. ” I snort, out loud, all over them. ” “I’m serious, Maddy. You’re in that class; you know what’s going on. ” “For starters, Dane, the Curse is BS. For another thing, all three girls died accidentally, separately, and nowhere near a graveyard. ” “He’s just saying, Maddy, there’s a time to be reckless and a time to be careful,” Chloe says.

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