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Why are such a lot of of our makes an attempt to alter unsuccessful? it is not a scarcity of determination. the matter is that we strive to undertake new, extra confident behaviors with out first breaking the carry that the previous damaging behaviors have on us. we won't easily flip those unfavorable behaviors off; actually, their carry is so robust that, as Blumenthal indicates, they've got turn into part of us. In a truly genuine experience, we are hooked on ou rselves. yet self-addiction might be damaged. In "You're hooked on You," Blumenthal outlines his confirmed "Circles of energy" process, a three-stage technique to aid readers triumph over harmful behaviors like anger, workaholism, hazard aversion, negativity & any undesirable behavior. He bargains instruments, suggestions, and workouts for expanding our expertise of our self-addictions and controlling their effect on ourselves and others. He exhibits how you can make own alterations that really final. we all know what they need to alter; Blumenthal convey s readers precisely how one can truly do it.

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Step 1: Identify Your Self-Addictions 27 Getting Shocked As with contrast, shock comes from an interaction with another person, but in a very different context. You get shocked when someone tells you that you are doing something that isn’t working. These shocks can be direct and specific, or they can be vague. Either way, the underlying characteristic is that someone sends you a message that your behavior needs adjustment. Darrell, a marketing executive for a retail clothing company, was shocked into an understanding of his addictions.

It is a lifelong endeavor to help you be your best self and live your best life. This book offers a system to help you do three things: 1. Identify important changes that you would like to make. 2. Make those changes. 3. Sustain them over time. Whether you are seeking ways to improve on a great situation or feel that your life is far from what you desire, your own behaviors play a critical role. Breaking your self-addictions and putting in place new, healthy behaviors will affect you profoundly at home and work, with family and friends.

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