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By Robert L. Zimdahl

Weed scientists are convinced of accelerating construction via agricultural expertise, together with herbicides, yet don't needs to ask if the ethical legal responsibility to feed humans is adequate justification for the advantages and harms completed. a continual, rigorous exam of the science’s objectives that ends up in applicable switch is recommended. Weed scientists have a study consensus - a paradigm - Weeds has to be managed. Herbicides are the simplest keep an eye on expertise. Agriculture's practitoners may still speak about the need and hazards in their know-how. dialogue needs to contain medical facts and value-laden arguments.

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Our relationship to pests is one of dominion. It is our destiny to subdue (control) them so the environment will conform to our design. If there is wisdom in the ecology of nature, one must question the possible ends when pests are objectified as they are when perceived only through controlling knowledge. In contrast, receiving knowledge includes an emotional element that controlling knowledge tries to avoid. , one kind of values), is the vehicle for obtaining knowledge in the creative union but Tillich notes, the vehicle does not make the content emotional.

Science 150:1254–1261. Also pp 43–55 In: Bulger RE, Heitman E, Reiser SJ (1993) The ethical dimensions of the biological sciences. Cambridge Univesity Press, Cambridge Hamner CL, Tukey HB (1944a) The herbicidal action of 2, 4-dichlorphenoxyacetic acid and 2, 4, 5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid on bindweed. Science 100:154–155 Hamner CL, Tukey HB (1944b) Selective herbicidal action of midsummer and fall applications of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxy acid. Bol Gaz 106:232–245 Harpaz I (1973) Early entomology in the Middle East.

All proclaimed lofty ends. No one proposes to demonstrate the evils which will ensue if we, and others, follow our particular right way. No salesman who hopes to sell in volume deliberately sets out to show how use of his product will be detrimental. Those who work with pesticides are salesman for their technological utility. None of us deny the efficacy or utility of many pesticides. These are well defined and accepted, even by most critics. However it does little good to point out only advantages.

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