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After all, I was only a few inches taller than five foot and my five years of living as a stray on the streets had made me skinnier than a predator should be, but as a shifter I'd been stronger than a human, and as a vampire I was even stronger still. Not like toss-a-bus strong, but much stronger than I looked. The stone scraped along the base, and a nail-bitingly annoying grinding noise filled the mausoleum. Beside me, Gil bounced on her toes, anxiously attempting to peek into the hole as it opened.

You followed the scent of blood because you were hungry. " Nathanial's fingers tightened on my shoulder. A warning? I couldn't deny anything Tatius had said, so I didn't answer. After a moment, Tatius's gaze left me to bore into Nathanial. "I ordered you to feed your companion. " 56 Twice Dead by Kalayna Price Nathanial's arm behind my head turned to unmalleable wood, like he'd frozen and dared not move. I frowned. "He didn't need to feed me. " Nuri cocked her head to the side. " The word was definitely a question that time.

One earth-shattering word. Behind me, Nathanial's body went rigid, his fingers digging in hard enough to raise bruises on my arms. " "I said no. You had your chance.

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