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By Julie Cross

The 12 months is 2009. Nineteen-year-old Jackson Meyer is a typical man… he is in collage, throws plenty of events, is drawn to a woman he cannot have, and oh yeah, he can commute again via time.
But it is not just like the videos – not anything alterations within the current after his jumps, there is not any space-time continuum matters or damaged flux capacitors – it truly is simply risk free fun.

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Holly was already pulling out her cell phone and looked utterly panicked. “Hold on,” I said to her, putting my hand over her phone. ” She’d be fired for sure if she called the camp office and told them a kid was missing. ” Holly squeezed her eyes shut for a second. ” I asked. ” I turned around and sat in the grass, pretending to study the camp schedule. But really I was getting ready to time-travel. And I’d only need a few seconds in home base. Not even long enough for Holly to say my name twice, so no need to hide first.

The events of the previous night flooded back to me as I stood up to let some sunlight into the room. ” “I did what you told me to do,” I said, lowering my voice. ” “I didn’t know what time he’d be back, so I snapped a bunch of pictures…probably a hundred or so—” “How did you save them? ” he asked. “Relax, alright? I put them on a memory card and it’s already in my wallet. ” He let out a breath. ” I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn’t see me. “No, I didn’t wear rubber gloves. What if he had walked in?

Get a world famous chef to cook it on a ten thousand dollar grill and garnish the plate with swirls of French mustard and caviar,” I said. “But really, when you look closely, it’s still just—” “A cheeseburger,” Holly finished. ” I patted the top of her head. ” I pressed my palm against my chest, faking shock. “Holly, he’s an artist…angst and pain comes along with that kind of talent. ” “Wow,” Holly said, glancing around and shaking her head. “You’ve really put things into perspective. ” She grinned at me and started to walk away.

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