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In 1812, a 67-year-old black United Empire Loyalist named Richard Pierpoint helped elevate "a corps of colored males to face and struggle jointly" opposed to the american citizens who have been threatening to invade the tiny British colony of higher Canada.

Pierpoint's distinct combating unit wouldn't purely see carrier in the course of the conflict of 1812, it is going to even be the 1st colonial army unit reactiviated to quash the uprising of 1837. it's going to pass directly to function a police strength, retaining the peace one of the competing Irish immigrant gangs throughout the building of the Welland Canal.

Pierpoint and the colored Corps are the vital concentration, however the sidebars that includes interesting proof in regards to the upward push and fall of slavery in North the USA and the nation of African-Canadians in early Canada offer an interesting and informative complement. between different tidbits, readers will discover why "Good Queen Bess" introduced the British slave and the way Scottish pineapples are hooked up to the...

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In Greece great philosophers debated the nature of reality and the universe while slaves toiled to feed and clothe them. In Rome slaves farmed the fields, erected the buildings, and produced most of the valuable metals that allowed the well-armed Roman legions to conquer most of Europe and North Africa. In Mexico and Central America slaves built huge pyramids and then were sacrificed to the gods of their owners, the Aztecs and Mayans. FASCINATING FACT Sticky Gold After slaves, gum arabic was the most valuable commodity taken out of Africa from the seventeenth to twentieth centuries.

Hunley because the Confederate government offered prize money to anyone who could sink Union warships blockading the harbour at Charleston, South Carolina. The Hunley did sink a Union ship, the USS Housatonic, in 1864, but unfortunately the Rebel submarine also sank for unknown reasons after the attack and its entire crew of eight perished. Marmon finally managed to obtain his freedom by stowing away aboard a small British privateer that stopped in Cuba for provisions. Eventually making it to Jamaica, Marmon signed on as a cook aboard a British man-o-war in the hope of returning to New England, which he considered home.

The fort was known as Fort James, named after James Stuart, Duke of York, in England. James was the leader of a group of British businessmen who, in 1660, were given a charter by James’s brother, King Charles II, to found a company called the Royal Adventurers of England Trading into Africa (RAE for short). Despite their dashing name, the company made its fortune on human misery. Fort James on the Gambia River was a trading post. From there the RAE traded British goods for African raw materials.

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