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You can understand that someone did make money - whoever it was who was just carrying stocks at that time. The only personal Page 30 disadvantage was that you did not happen to be that someone. This little matter can be readily adjusted if you should make actual commitments and become the owner of stocks. The third rule was: The seller can make it believable. The integrity of the NY Stock Exchange as an association, and that of its members, is of course a pledge that the reports, as given out, are true and the newspapers in printing these reports day after day do not make many errors.

Great care is taken to note their admission to the big board. The day of the event is published and the time is ten o'clock sharp. Whether they were traded at ten sharp is immaterial; they could have been traded from ten o'clock on if the planetary constellations required their trading at such time. Stocks are traded fully twenty-four hours a day, This includes Sundays and holidays, even though actual transactions can only occur between the hours of ten and three on weekdays. Gaps in the market prove this contention.

They may shower Page 51 you with caresses, do anything in the world for you. Just at that time, however, your heart is not set for such favours. Irritation may cause you to be rude to them. Should you try to get rid of this strange feeling, it may not be possible. Such conditions are simply temporary cross vibrations between two tiny, weeny planets, yourself and the other party. The man who knows that laws exist to make you behave that way will simply leave you alone until this condition has remedied itself in the course of time.

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