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By Nuno P. Monteiro

Because the cave in of the Soviet Union, the USA enjoys remarkable army strength. The overseas approach is consequently unipolar. 1 / 4 century later, despite the fact that, we nonetheless own no concept of unipolarity. idea of Unipolar Politics presents one. Dr. Nuno P. Monteiro solutions 3 of an important questions on the workings of a unipolar international. Is it sturdy? Is it peaceable? what's the top grand method a unipolar energy corresponding to the modern usa can enforce? In our nuclear international, the facility preponderance of the USA is very likely sturdy yet prone to produce widespread clash. in addition, so one can preserve its energy preponderance, the USA needs to stay militarily engaged on the planet and accommodate the industrial progress of its significant opponents, specifically, China. This technique, notwithstanding, will lead Washington to salary warfare usually. In sum, army energy preponderance brings major merits yet isn't really an unalloyed sturdy.

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The key here is that there is no overall hierarchy in the sense that the most important states in the system have a great deal of autonomy vis-a-vis each other. In other words, hierarchical relations among particular states take place in an anarchical context. On hierarchy in international politics, see: D. A. Lake (2009). See: Waltz (I979, 88-93). For criticism of the role of anarchy in structural realism, see: Wendt (I992). See: Waltz (I979, 93-97). , 97-99; Berenskoeter and Williams ( 2007).

I then provide defi­ nitions of concepts that are central to my theory. Finally, I conduct some groundwork on several important issues that underpin the argu­ ments on unipolarity I make in the following chapters. Before I delve into these topics, I elaborate on the relationship between my theory of unipolar politics and the research tradition in which it is set: structural realism. Structural Realism and Unipolarity A theory of unipolarity is a theory of a particular configuration of the structure of the international system.

See: Wilkinson ( I999); Gilpin (2002). " See: Kaufman et al. (2007a, I S ) . Conceptualizing Unipolarity authority. "5,, To say that the organizing principle of a unipolar world is anarchy is not to say that unipolarity is devoid of hierarchical relations. "53 In a unipolar sys­ tem, security relations between the unipole and the major powers are essentially anarchic. In Lake's terms, the unipole has a limited amount of authority over other powerful states, which justifies naming anar­ chy as the organizing principle of a unipolar world.

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