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By Barry Jonsberg

Half quirky magazine, half detective fiction, this wild and witty novel is a laugh-out-loud comedy approximately not going neighbors who're drawn right into a dramatic sequence of occasions via their mutual distrust in their new English teacher.

I do not know you in any respect. i would not recognize you from a gap within the flooring. If i used to be telling this tale to a few acquaintances, then they'd already understand Kiffo and they'd comprehend me and they might comprehend the varsity and every thing. i would just manage to get immediately into what occurred whilst a brand new English instructor, the Pitbull, slobbered and knotted up her approach into our classification. yet you do not know whatever. No offence.

'An inspiring debut novel: concurrently humorous and clever. A +' - Tony Wilson, Triple R Breakfasters

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43 FEBRUARY: Primary school, Year 6. You are sitting on a bench by the school oval. It is lunchtime. You open your lunch box and arrange the contents beside you on the bench. There is an apple, a bag of salt and vinegar chips, a chicken sandwich and a chocolate biscuit. You suddenly notice a red-haired boy looking at the food. He is standing a little behind you. There is nothing in his hands. You pick up the bag of crisps and his eyes follow you. ’ you ask. He shrugs. ’ you ask. He shrugs. He eats the chips.

It would be in your best interests to find . . more suitable companions. Friends who challenge you intellectually and who are not so – how can one put it? ’ I bristled. What with the squirming and the bristling, it was quite an energetic end to my detention. ‘Thank you, Miss. ’ ‘I hope you do, Calma. ’ 40 ‘Oh trust me. I won’t forget. ’ I got to the door and was halfway through it before she spoke again. ‘By the way, Calma,’ she said. ’ Huh! I felt like smacking her in the face. Might have improved it.

Kiffo, who rarely attended class meetings since he normally lost no time at recess in kicking a footy around and building up a store of body odour for the rest of the morning, was prominent in the rueful scratching stakes. The silence deepened. ’ ‘A valid point, Nathan,’ I said, ‘and one that you make with your customary level of articulation. ’ ‘I wonder what her first name is,’ said Natalie. ‘Ima. Ima Payne. ’ There was general chuckling and fifteen minds bent themselves towards this amusing notion.

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