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By Johnson, Megan

In a startling and unique poetic voice, Megan Johnson within the ready finds a vigilant younger one that has suffered an unmentionable loss and who dismantles and reconstitutes lyric modes in a continuing look for solace. A lyric experience of grief and seek, The ready reinvents language from uncooked fabrics, pushed through excessive emotional need.

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The ingredients are all there. In June begging nestles under a bench and does not sing you to sleep. Penicillin which sticks the immune system with an eventual breakdown. Human hands upon the sparrow equals kicked from the nest. The carnival ride broke in half that’s the second chipped plate in a row. Repeat after me: I will wash the pesticides off I will love strangers who look at me with more desire than you. 20 ] Love poem (tree minus limb and counting) Here I am enough ochre petals to talk ringing another sigh let the flowers be flowers again so exact not hearing the taste envisioned (fruit no more peaches) loose in mouth I this this for sweetly Free my I suppose careful atop sugar branches more sought one less breaks let’s song my windy in place please wider grows salt or these hands open no opened I speed sparkle [ 21 I woke I woke, sticky vowels in my bed, last century’s songs whispering in my hands like abandoned hotels.

Fiery rain accumulates and stripped clean plummets like money. You step out of the way the x calls out your name here the mud and holding me back. I think to see history’s nails through skin. I love(d) you like a wishing well damp with sweat. The memory cannot serve the fits and flights. 44 ] * Inside the fabric bit by shame a homecoming banner. Bus stop outside the barn my x and secret knock in sleet the beginning of the next yourself. A lifted face the bleeding goat my God that sky might leave me handless.

Sorry, I forgot your name, the bench is cold today. * Digging the backyard birds up, bones small as sugar, grains scattering the ground. A seize of melancholy last time the plains flooded, my belongings caught in the current. But I was a lust machine back in my Scorpio days. Now I’m a Gemini and sit quietly with my 28 ] slippered feet on the rug. It’s the wooded life. There — the town drunk is ripping his shirt. There — the postman dons new galoshes and so on and so. * And the lilacs across the pool table come into view, a decision to water the indifference so it grows at a steady pace.

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