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And then after I relive the shame, it’s as if I’m flying, free from that burden. The puddle of molasses left for someone else to clean up. Someone else has to try to please him, the happy voices say. Still, I’m left to wonder about my future. I thought I’d have children by now. Can I have children? Maybe I’m infertile. After all, I’m twenty-eight and in eight years of marriage. Nothing. Those were my prime years, and if nothing happened, well . . The fact is, I’d be attached to Jay forever if there were a child involved.

Kensington’s guidance. She was the kind of woman who had a shelf for a chest, and her body seemed to break off into oblivion under an oversized floral gown. That woman scared me. How come church people can be so scary? Come to think of it, I never did see Mr. Kensington. I wonder if the authorities ever looked into that? I’d thought I’d thrown the flyer out. Let’s face it, I meant to. The last thing I needed in my life was more advice from Hamilton Lowe, but I found it still crumpled in my handbag.

I tilt my head back, and a bitter laugh escapes. “Jay cannot believe this town cares enough about him for the tabloids. ” “Jay just wants to know his reputation will remain intact, Mrs. ” “Reputation? Jay produces flatulence movies. What reputation does he have exactly? He makes money for the studios. That’s it. That’s where his reputation ends. ” “Mrs. Cutler—” “Don’t call me Mrs. Cutler. ” I lean over the desk. ” “Haley, I can’t give you any money today. ” I sit down and cross my arms. “No problem.

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