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The Procrastination-Protection Syndrome explains why we: understand the fundamental ideas of time administration yet cannot deliver ourselves to take advantage of them frequently procrastinate on projects that require solitude keep away from making judgements which are vitally important usually interact in compulsive consuming, smoking, over the top intake of caffeine, or different meaningless actions think like workaholics yet by no means appear to end something do not rate that we're enjoyable our destinies stay away from using the appropriate facet of the mind, which holds the major to finishing procrastination Borrowing both from her personal tale of restoration from procrastination, composite medical case examples, mental learn, and interviews with hugely effective members reminiscent of Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Peterson deals a manner out of the the following day catch in order that we will be able to ultimately take cost of our lives, savour luck and embody our crucial destinies.

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I find certain tastes, textures or smells aversive. I don't feel I'm fulfilling my destiny. If you checked off any of items #13, then you are probably allowing procrastination to protect you from underlying issues that you will learn more about as you read this book. If you checked off any of items #46, then you may have some physiological issues that are either triggering or aggravating your problems with procrastination. If you checked off any of items #79, then it's possible you have already tapped into some of the underlying clues to your procrastination problems that are hidden in the right side of your brain.

The child grows up appreciated and respected, with healthy rules and appropriate limits, and plenty of love and guidance. Would you expect this child to become a serial killer? Or would you expect that this child's self-esteem level would be healthy because of his or her positive family experiences? If that's the case, then how can we say we're "not affected" by childhood? The reality is that unless we are automatons, we are all affected by our experiences, particularly when we are so impressionable as children.

They include perceived or real physical imperfections, flawed or disrupted parenting, neglect, or even abuse (zones 34). Later in life, genetic physiological sources of shame may aggravate procrastination patterns. These include Page 29 Figure 1. The Life Cycle of Procrastination Page 30 the genetic blueprints for such problems as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, seasonal affective disorder, depression, premenstrual syndrome and even menopause (zone 6). Behavioral sources of procrastinationcompulsive behaviorsare used to mask childhood shame as well: overindulgence in sugar/white flour products, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex and even workaholism (zone 7).

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