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After the King of Ayr died with out naming an inheritor, a century of enmity destroyed the single country, because the robust households of the Renn#233; and the Wills fought to figure out the crown in a sour hurricane of treachery and blood. yet now the a long time of hatred have woken the unquiet river spirits from their undying sleep, andrevived a feud extra lethal than any clash of guy. As alliances shift and loyalties are established within the harsh civil battle among the 2 nice households, each one decided to smash the opposite, Toren Renn#233; nonetheless fights for peace, hoping to prevent the age-old warfare. yet betrayals and double crosses rack the Renn#233; and the Wills, while a bigger risk rises. For the darkish knight Hafydd has made a sinister alliance that leads him to secrets and techniques hidden for eons, together with person who may possibly spoil all of them. just a courageous few have controlled to face opposed to Hafydd, and they're scattered in the course of the land after a painful defeat: misplaced, separated, and weakened. Left for useless, the enigmatic wanderer Alaan needs to locate his approach in the course of the treacherous, transferring southern lands, observed via the brave Valeman, whereas Elise Wills, reworked through an eldritch cut price, pursues Hafydd herself because the nagar struggle for revenge and the armies of the Renn#233; and the Wills conflict for supremacy at the battlefield. yet what begun as a fight for a crown hasbecome a struggle way more perilous, for woken by means of the wars of guy and nagar, even dying himself is getting ready to go away his fell nation and stroll the realm back. And if the door to his dread area can't be close, the feud among the Renn#233; and the Wills or even the traditional wars of the nagar could be as not anything in comparison to the arriving doom. Lyrically written, dramatic but poignant, the eagerly awaited The Shadow Roads concludes in the end the epic story of the Swans' battle, a triumph of literary fulfillment and the peak of Sean Russell's acclaimed profession so far.

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Rabal glanced at Alaan as though he were about to protest, but he kept his peace. 48 Sean Russell The grieving giant laid his wounded animal upon the sparse brown grass and spoke with his companion, their voices so deep they seemed to rumble up from some tunnel into the earth. ” one of the giants asked, his voice drum deep. He addressed Crowheart, but it was Alaan who answered. “He is a healer,” Alaan said. ” The larger of the Dubrell crouched, stroking his dying wolf. He peered at Alaan a moment.

Tam glanced up from guiding his horse over the uneven terrain. There was, no doubt, a way among these, or Alaan wouldn’t be leading them on, still he didn’t like their situation. He twisted a bit in his saddle, the leather creaking in complaint. The riders were just disappearing into the trees below, having rounded the lake. Tam felt a sudden familiar tightening in his stomach. Memories of the black guards pursuing them down the Wynnd, of the fight at the ford at Willowwand, of the night Baore was struck by an arrow beneath the north bridge.

Above him THE SHADOW ROADS 41 Tam could hear the panting horses, hooves clattering over frostshattered stone. Another archer appeared and let an arrow fly. ” Tam called up, watching the high arc of the arrow. It plummeted down toward them but well wide, having been caught by a breeze above the walls of the draw. “Shoot back,” Alaan called, hardly able to spare the breath. Tam stopped and took aim. He was shooting downhill, which was never easy. He might waste an arrow to find the range. He drew back the string, finding the bow stiffer than his last.

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