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Not all thermophiles are microscopic, and some even resemble bizarre creatures from science fiction stories. 3m) in length. These creatures have no mouths and depend on chemosynthesis to survive. In this process, the tube worms absorb highly acidic hydrogen sulfide through a plume on their tails. The chemicals are processed by oozing reddish bacteria that live in the giant tube worm’s digestive system. The bacteria convert the hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide into energy, which allows the tube worm to grow an amazing 57 Synthesizing Chemicals Some extremophiles survive by a process called chemosynthesis in which they obtain energy released by chemicals to produce food.

5 lightDID YOU KNOW ? years, or 119 trillion miles (192 trillion km) from Earth. Located in While some astrobithe constellation Libra, Gliese 581 ologists believe living is much smaller than the sun and is creatures exist on Gliese called a red dwarf star. Red dwarfs, 581g, the exoplanet is which make up the majority of stars a very cold place with in the universe, are those that are less average temperatures than half the mass of the sun and thought to be between generate about 10 percent of the lu10°F and -24°F (-12°C minosity, or radiant heat and light.

22 30 Benner’s question might be answered by space probes to Titan, the largest of 30 moons circling Saturn. Titan is about 50 percent larger than Earth’s moon. It was first observed by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens in 1655, but little was known about Titan until the twentieth century. In 1907 the Spanish astronomer Josep Comas i Sola was observing the distant satellite through a powerful telescope when he noticed a phenomenon called limb darkening. When a planet or moon exhibits limb darkenDID YOU KNOW ?

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