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I had struggled and struggled to forgive, but now I prayed such a simple prayer, "I forgive in the Person of Jesus Christ. " It was as though a truckload of bricks drove out of my heart! I grabbed the hand of my friend, and we hurried to get to the altar before the Communion service was over. As you might guess, it was one of the most precious services of my life, for I had learned to forgive by faith—and you can too! There can be no better time to forgive than right now! Just take a few moments and think of anyone or everyone who may have offended you.

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I dare not have unforgiveness in my spirit, for the Bible states boldly and clearly that we can drink damnation to ourselves. I went into the bedroom, closed the door, knelt by our bed and began to pray. "God, forgive my ugly attitude toward my sister. " My feelings went every direction but the right direction, for I was filled with a strong dislike for her, and extreme guilt for my own attitude. I continued to pray, but felt even more frustrated. What could I do? Since I did not feel I had forgiven her, I decided I must not take Communion.

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