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By Helen Peters

This booklet offers the texts of 5 performs, jointly written and played in the course of the years 1973 to 1976 via the Newfoundland theatre troupe CODCO. CODCO's satiric performs disclose common perversity, lack of knowledge, prejudice and abuse with the ironic wit of the folk of Newfoundland. The performs are individual by means of their graveyard or gallows humour. CODCO performed a massive function within the evolution of Canadian theatre and is an early signifier of Canada's attainment of cultural adulthood. CODCO's present weekly tv sequence began broadcasting in 1988.

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POL: He used to call me Pol, see. He was no good after that. We had to put him in the Home. ELIZABETH: What could you do, girl? POL: And he hasn't said a word, you know, from that day to this except to ask for his seasickness pills. ) JOHN CHARLES: What do he want them for? POL: Oh, he thinks the bed rocks, boy. ALL: Oh, yes, etc. ) SAREY: My, my, my. We all got our problems, don't we? ALL: Oh, that's so true. Yes, das a fact, etc. SAREY: Me, I'm goin' into St. John's this morning to the Mental Hospital for shock treatment.

PHONSE: Yeah. SAREY: Not ideas I needs, it's a bitta help. PHONSE: We'll help you, old girl. THERESA: We'll give you some help. COD ON A STICK 50 60 70 80 11 PHONSE: Luh. Ahhhh, it says here see, ah, no read that, luh, Mom. Luh, go on read it ... SAREY: Oh, I can't read that, Phonse. Get my glasses out. THERESA: Where are they, Mom? NED: Over in the pantry, luh. SAREY: Oh, I can't pick that out. You read that, Phonse. PHONSE: Here, look, I'll read it. Hold on, hold on, I'll read it now, luh. All it says is this, see Mom, luh, "The Purity Cream Crackers Newfoundland Hospitality Contest.

Ah, if we get through this one. Ah ... " MOTHER: A wake! ) NED: A wake! Oh Mudder, you're a fool. PHONSE: "Captain Morgan? Big Dipper? " What do you think, Dad boy? SAREY: But they don't have the "Baby Duck" into there. PHONSE: No, no, no, Mom, different question altogether. Dad, what do you think, boy? NED: Ohhh boys. Oh, they're all good. I'd hate to have to choose 'tween that three. GARFIELD: Oh, I'd take the Morgan everytime. THERESA: I'll take the Dipper. NED: You would, would you? You saucy slut ...

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