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24. nγ = c π2 25. Conversion using length of tropical year. π 2 (kB T )4 26. ργ = , using T0 from Ref. 20. 15 ( c)3 2 27. 7 eV from CMB + LSS + SN data set, Table 10 in Ref. 2. 28. 08, Table 11 in Ref. 2. Uses different h than tabulated here. 29. D. Fields, S. Sarkar, “Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis,” this Review. 30. WMAP[2] + Supernova Legacy Survey in a flat Universe. 31. From WMAP 3-year data [2] alone, assuming no tensors. 32. C. C. Willson, private correspondence (1998). 33. C. S. Hudson, Nature 332, 810 (1988).

Grades 9-12; National Science Education Content Standards: A, B, D. asp • NOBEL LAUREATES IN PHYSICS 1901-PRESENT: Maintained by SLAC, this site provides very comprehensive information on physics laureates. Links to the Nobel Foundation’s pages on each laureate. Also lists the location(s) of the laureate’s prize-winning work, where, if appropriate, the laureate is currently working, and where she or he was working when the work was done. Links to books, related Web sites, and to the HEP Database for in-depth bibliography.

4. Review Publications: • LIVING REVIEWS IN RELATIVITY: A peer-refereed, solely online physics journal publishing invited reviews covering all areas of relativity. Provided as a free service to the scientific community. Published in yearly volumes, although articles appear throughout the year. org/ • NET ADVANCE OF PHYSICS: A free electronic service providing review articles and tutorials in an encyclopedic format. Covers all areas of physics. Includes e-prints, book announcements, full text of electronic books, and other resources with hypertext links when available.

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